Ash Wednesday

Welcome to Easter in Cyberspace for 2014 on this Ash Wednesday. These sites provide an in-depth look at the traditions associated... 

Top 10 Links for Holy Week

Holy Week is the most significant week on the Christian calendar, beginning with Palm Sunday and concluding with Holy Thursday,... 

The Date of Easter

What date is Easter? That’s easy, you might say – April 8! Well, it’s April 8 this year. But Easter is one of... 

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At The Foot of The Cross

The Bible teacher Steve Brown likes to tell the story of a medieval Christian and learned man who fell upon hard times near the... 

Comprehending The Cross

It’s become fashionable these days to wear crosses, not necessarily as a sign of faith, but as a trendy accessory. Crosses... 

Could It Be … Satan?

The 40-day duration of Lent is derived from the 40 days Christ spent in the wilderness following his Baptism by John The Baptist.... 

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Preaching & Worship

Easter Drama: 12 Voices

Today we highlight The Twelve Voices of Easter, which examines the events of Good Friday through the eyes of 12 different witnesses. It’s presented in Real Audio by the Back To The Bible radio ministry of Dr. Woodrow Kroll. Here’s a summary: In Christ’s hours of dark sorrow, from His arrest in the garden to His agonizing death on the... [Read more of this review]

Easter Preaching and Sermons

The Easter season can be a challenging time for preachers, requiring messages that resonate with both members and newcomers drawn to the church for Lent and Easter. These resources may prove useful to pastors preparing messages for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. Sermon & Lectionary Resources: Excellent links here for ... [Read more of this review]

Easter on the Internet: Top Directories

Here are some other excellent sites that provide resources focused on the Christian observance of Easter and Lent. A Holy Easter: Tons of Easter-related links from Richard & Charlene Fairchild of Ontario, Canada. Recommended. Lift Up Your Hearts: Worthwhile, ecumenically accessible Lent, Holy Week and Easter resources. Easter ANd Lent Resources:... [Read more of this review]

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